Dear Alcatraz swimmers,

I invite you to contribute to the following agencies and institutions. Personally I have chosen to contribute with part of the entries to the Charlotte Maxwell Complimentary Clinic. This is a State Licensed health clinic providing free complementary alternative medical treatments to low income women with cancer. Also I would like to invite you to contribute to Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, agency that is working to raise funds for the conservation of this beautiful island. Plus, many people will thank you for contributing to such noble causes.


Pedro H. Ordenes
Race Director

Dear Alcatraz Swimmers:

Please consider how fortunate you are to be healthy enough to compete in the "Alcatraz 100 Swim with the Centurions". Others are not; and in their honor, I ask you to make a generous contribution to the Marin Breast Cancer Watch. MBCW was founded by a group of concerned Marin county residents who wanted to know why so many of their friends were afflicted with breast cancer. They are an established leader in conducting breast cancer research.


I also ask that you open your pocket books to the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. The GGNPC is a nonprofit membership organization created to preserve the Golden Gate National Parks. Your contributions help support the national parks at the Golden Gate. Without the support of you and others like you, the ocean, winds & sea spray could one day reduce Alcatraz to a pile of rubble - an unthinkable thought for such a world renown landmark.


Gary Emich

Alcatraz Swimmers,

I would like to invite you to contribute to the Charlotte Maxwell Complimentary Clinic

"I was operated of Breast Cancer 20 years ago. Soon after and as a rehab therapy I was given the choice to practice sports which gave me the option to practice swimming and excercise 3 times a week, which has helped me without any doubt to my recovery and much better quality of life." That's the reason I have requested my brother Pedro, world recognized swimmer, organize a swim of this magnitude in memory to our brother Carlos who lost his battle with cancer at the time when he was thinking in starting to prepare himself to travel to the U.S.and swim from the Island of Alcatraz and make people aware of their health and life.


Dr. Rosita Ordenes de Goic
Director of the Magallanes/Chile Cancer Volunteer Support Council

This year Alcatraz 100 Swim with the Centurion 2008 will be dedicated to our fellow triathlete and Alcatraz swimmer Susan Shulman



Susan L Shulman loved to swim! From the time she was in grade school throughout high school on and her adult life she always swam. Along with her brother, Joseph Lang (who placed in the top 3 overall in past races), Susan hasn't missed an Alcatraz Swim in the past decade. Diagnosed in January '96 with Stage Three breast cancer, Susan courageously fought and won her battle being cancer free for 11 years.  Tragically Susan died March 17, 2008 from an aggressive brain tumor.


An outdoors enthusiast and former personal fitness trainer, Susan incorporated swimming into all her client's workout regimens. In January 2007 Susan was accepted into UCSF's competitive MEPN (masters entry program in nursing) program where she would become a Clinical Nurse Practitioner with the ultimate goal to help people and "give back."


The Susan L Shulman Memorial Fund has been created to assist promising nursing students in need and keep Susan's name alive, she continues to be an inspiration for so many people. She is sorely missed by her son, husband, family and friends. Keep kicking sweet and courageous friend, we love you so much!

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